Friends & Family

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Friends & Family

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Friends & family have brought us to Unfiltrd Project #200. 

We started the Unfiltrd Project back in 2019, and since then, you’ve embraced our wild endeavours.  We’re thrilled to have #200 be our harvest ale. 


Once a year, friends & family get together to produce a beautiful locally grown, locally made product. 


100% fresh Battle House Hops &

100% Mississippi Mills Malts


Keeping it local, keeping things fresh - there’s nothing better.


‘Friends and Family’ is a light fresh hop pale ale where the hops shine!  Fresh cut grass, floral notes and citrus zip are all prominent.  Fresh and light, super easy to drink with wonderful malt character from Mississippi Mills 2 row malt and a couple pounds of C60 for a touch of colour and subtle caramel flavour.


It only comes once a year, and it all comes from your backyard.

Last Available New release!

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