Wheat N' Honey

Still Fields Grey County

Wheat N' Honey

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Experience the essence of Sonnen Hill and Still Fields in our Wheat N' Honey brew. Crafted with 100% wheat, this unique brew is mashed in an oak barrel with wheat straw as the filter medium. After cooling overnight in the coolship, it undergoes open fermentation and is delicately blended with a generous amount of honey. Aged in barrels for 9 months, this exclusive beer is bottle conditioned with an extra touch of honey, resulting in a sophisticated, balanced acid with hints of lemon and lime and a subtle touch of funk.

This beer will only get better with age and can be cellared for multiple years.

Ingredients:   Water, Wheat, Honey, Hops, Yeast

ABV: 4%
750 mL
Bottle Conditioned

Last Available 2024-01-25

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