Love, Sweet Love

Sawdust City Gravenhurst

Love, Sweet Love

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Grain & grapes. Breweries & wineries. Muskoka & Niagara. All things that go together well. Pushing the boundaries of collaboration, we’ve brought all those things into one delicious beer. Teaming up with the good folks at Malivoire Winery, Love, Sweet Love is a true beer-wine hybrid. Fermented in stainless on over 3.5 tons of Ontario grown merlot grapes and using a process called carbonic maceration, this beer bursts with lively aromas and flavours of fresh strawberry, rose petal and of course grape. Pouring a beautiful, rose petal pink, with a snow white head, it has a lovely juiciness through the middle filled with raspberry and red fruit, that ends with a cheek tickling, slightly tart finish. This beer is perfect for celebrating with friends or relaxing on the deck after a long day.

Can conditioned.

Last Available 2024-06-10

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