Anticipation Is...

Sawdust City Gravenhurst

Anticipation Is...


Pouring a brilliant spun gold, with a fluffy white cap, this effervescent ale is loaded with aromas of clove, spice and baked apple. Balanced with flavours of bready malt, spice and bubblegum, this approachable 6.0% beer is deceptively drinkable. Flavourful with a semi-sweet finish, Anticipation Is is wonderful on its own or accompanied by your favourite meal.

Sam's Take on Anticipation Is...

One of my favourite styles, this is a beer I continually come back to and try to perfect. I’ve always found it astounding how drinkable these Belgian ales can be. Also, how much flavour can be summoned from such a simple recipe. So it’s an education each time we brew it.

The anticipation of waiting to drink the latest version and enjoying it, while still keeping a critical eye is something I look forward to. Each new version of a beer lives in the present moment. But it’s future, as a brand or a recipe, has many twists and turns awaiting it in its future. And that anticipation of what’s to come can be a driving force in continued creativity.

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