Murder of Crows

Refined Fool Sarnia

Murder of Crows


This black IPA looks positively mesmerizing in the glass, with its opaque ebony hue and thick, frothy head of khaki-coloured foam. Mouth-watering aromas of dark malts, caramel and a hint of raisins and plum will lead you into temptation, while rich flavours of roasted grains and coffee grounds will most certainly seal your fate.

It finishes with an earthy, resiny hop bitterness that lingers on the taste buds. Its soft, silky-smooth texture and mild carbonation make this 7.6% abv brew far more drinkable than it has any business being.

It’s a well-rounded, yet intensely flavourful beer that combines the best aspects of both stouts and IPAs into a single glorious (and delicious) whole—a must-try for both hopheads and malt maniacs.

Last Available 2021-12-20

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