Tabula Rasa III - 2021 Vintage

People's Pint Toronto

Tabula Rasa III - 2021 Vintage


This is our third iteration of Tabula Rasa, a Bent Mallet X People's Pint collaboration where we use a base recipe for a Belgian table beer (the "blank slate") and add elements to create different flavour profiles.

This has been cellared since January 2021

For this version, we chose to do a long secondary fermentation using a strain of Brettanomyces known to produce fruity flavours and we also dry-hopped the beer using noble-type hops for complexity. We also opted to bottle-condition this beer for great effervescence.

The result is a dry, refreshing beer with slightly funky earthy and floral aromas rounded out by flavours of candied citrus peel and hay. Enjoy fresh or age for up to one year!

Brett Table Beer
4% ABV 17 IBU
2021 VIntage

Last Available 2021-03-12

Shipping Rate $14 + $0.75 per beer

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