Fair Warning

Overflow Ottawa

Fair Warning


Ontario Brewing Awards - 2021 Bronze - IPA Category

We love our IPA's and we were looking for something that would bring some new fruit flavours.  We decided it was time to work with some entirely new Hop "Varieties" and new Hop "Technology" that will certainly take you to a "new beer place".  This beer will open all your senses.  It's an IPA that's clean to the eye, loaded with tons of pineapple and stone fruit aromas and finishes with a great bitter finish.  This beer will expose your sight, smell and taste to a different level of beer enjoyment.  We have given you Fair Warning...  Tread lightly this beer will have all your senses joining forces!

7.0% ABV

Colour: Golden Yellow

Taste & Aroma:  This double dry hopped IPA incorporates 4 different types of hops and modern hop products.  Expect loads of citrus, tropical fruit and evergreen flavours and aromas.

Last Available 2022-05-03

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