Hokey Pokey

Grain and Grit Hamilton

Hokey Pokey


This is what yer gonna want to have for dessert! Our first pastry stout was inspired by an obscure flavour of ice cream that Hannah used to enjoy when she lived in the UK called Hokey Pokey. It’s vanilla ice cream with toffee, and we added chocolate in the mix (because everything is better with chocolate)!

Brewed with sponge toffee, caramel, vanilla and lactose, Hokey Pokey has flavours of melted ice cream, caramel and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, with aroma of toffee, chocolate, raisin and a hint of rum. It’s sweet upfront, and slightly under carbonated to make for a smooth drinking experience. Semi-sweet finish with lingering milk chocolate and caramel.

Proudly brewed in collaboration with Christy’s Gourmet Gifts in Burlington, Ontario.

Last Available New release!

Shipping Rate $13 for first box of 12

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