Taru Ichi

Godspeed Toronto

Taru Ichi


Taru Ichi | 樽一 (meaning: first barrel), our first barrel aged beer to be released in package, has been over two years in the making. On its face this beer features a calculated blend of fresh smoked beers with a base of Godspeed-Style Porter aged for the duration in bourbon barrels. Pouring jet black with cola-like highlights, an immediate wave of bourbon character will flood the senses before the beer strikes the bottom of your glass. Oak-char, tobacco, black forest cake, leather, and an approachable booziness enhance the aroma before hints of cocoa and dates come to the forefront as it warms. This beer is built for contemplation and enjoyment, today or in the many years to come.

Here's to the first of many!

Last Available 2020-10-15

Shipping Rate $15 per box, box holds 12-24 cans