Straight Up Lager

FRANK Tecumseh

Straight Up Lager


Name: Straight Up Lager

Beer Style: Lager 4.3% ABV

Description/Tasting Notes
Whether you are on a beach, on the course, or on a patio our Straight Up Lager hits the spot. Brewed to be easy drinking, Straight Up Lager is moderately carbonated and well balanced with a hint of malty sweetness. FRANKly, it is a likeable lager for any occasion.

A refreshing beer, crisp and smooth with a clean finish.
Pairs perfectly with delicately herbed chicken, seafood dishes such as shellfish, calamari, and salmon. Flavors of lemon, spicy dishes, and fresh salads.

Available at the brewery and online.

Last Available 2020-10-01

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