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That’s right! The name of this beer is yeah. What’s it named after? Who’s it named after? Who or what isn’t it named after?! yeah. Is a beer that needs no explanation but also begs for more all at once. It’s so simple it’s been right in front of you the whole time.

yeah. is a beautifully hazy New England IPA that’s been inundated/pummeled/overwhelmed with fruity hoppy flavour. Mosaic, El Dorado, Cashmere and Galaxy hops combine forces to bring you, our lucky drinker, flavours of - stone fruit, pine and a whole glass full of awesome that will have you saying YEAH. 

ABV: 6.1
Smells & Tastes Like: Stone fruit, pine & a whole lot of awesome
Food Pairing: Grilled fish, pineapple-cashew chicken & hot wings

Meet the Crowler!

Meet your new best friend, The Crowler! This big ass aluminium can keeps yours beer fresher than a growler and blocks out the things that are bad for beer: light and oxygen. It’s available for any Eastbound beers we’re serving on tap, poured fresh from draught and sealed on demand right before your eyes!

This lightweight marvel goes anywhere you do, ready for your next adventure! Whether it’s across the city or around a campfire. No broken glass or 10 cent deposit. Recycle when ready. Enjoyable. Reliable. Fresh. Every time.

Last Available 2020-12-29

Shipping Rate $20 on < $50 orders, $10 on $50, free on orders over $100

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