Oak Aged Fancy Walker

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Oak Aged Fancy Walker


The return of a winter favourite but just a wee bit different. This particular version of Fancy Walker has been oak aged in our Squarrel system, which is brewer speak for square barrels. These marvels of barrel technology allow us to wood age beer in small spaces and at an advanced rate. Starting last year around this time we aged some of last years batch of Fancy Walker Belgian Dubbel in oak and this lends a mild vanilla, smoke and rounded finish to this already beautiful beer. We've packed this version of Fancy Walker exclusively in 950mL Crowlers as part of your unofficial 2020 Survival Kit. 

Our Belgian Dubbel warms you up & eases you through winter with style. Deep copper in colour with notes of molasses, brown sugar and a skip in your step.

Fancy Walker will keep you feeling good all winter long and give you a sense that all this cold will one day come to an end. The perfect beer to pair with food and group gatherings. Let your glass warm a little and let the complexity of flavour fancily walk on by.

ABV: 7.4%
Smells & Tastes Like: Molasses, brown sugar, figs and dates.
Food Pairing: Game, Stilton & Blackberries

Meet the Crowler!

Meet your new best friend, The Crowler! This big ass aluminium can keeps yours beer fresher than a growler and blocks out the things that are bad for beer: light and oxygen. It’s available for any Eastbound beers we’re serving on tap, poured fresh from draught and sealed on demand right before your eyes!

This lightweight marvel goes anywhere you do, ready for your next adventure! Whether it’s across the city or around a campfire. No broken glass or 10 cent deposit. Recycle when ready. Enjoyable. Reliable. Fresh. Every time.

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