Midnight Cow Tipper

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Midnight Cow Tipper


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Apologies in advance for blurring the lines between breakfast and dinner, night and day, potentially shattering the very construct of time itself. Or perhaps you’ll take this all in stride.

Brewed with the addition of lactose sugars - the “milk” of this stout - Midnight Cow Tipper rolls through pastures (to grab at low hanging fruit) of dark roasted coffee and toasted grains, ramping up to a sweet finish of creamy milk chocolate. Soft, velvety and far less heavy than it appears, we’re not going to question imbibing at any hour.

*Contains Lactose

ABV: 5.2%
Smells & Tastes Like: Chocolate, molasses & cream
Food Pairing: Steak, ice cream, steak and eggs


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Last Available 2020-12-17

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