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Mind Flay IPA - 6.5% abv -  IPA - 473ml can

Indulge in the captivating allure of Mind Flay IPA, a bold and fearless IPA with a formidable 6.5% ABV. This brew immerses your senses in a symphony of pine, malt, and citrus. As it pours into your glass, its amber hue beckons with a promise of robust flavor. Aromas of pine resin, toasted malt, and zesty citrus tantalize your nose, foreshadowing the intense experience that awaits.

Mind Flay IPA is a brew for those daring enough to venture into the depths of intense hop character. So, prepare to be mind flayed by the boldness and complexity of this remarkable IPA. Cheers to the art of balancing bitterness and flavor!

Last Available 2023-11-26

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