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A bright, beautiful, and highly aromatic Saison beer aged on Chardonnay wine lees in stainless steel for 5 months, then bottled conditioned for another 6 months.

Wild French apple cider, young Saison, fruity & floral Chardonnay

Lees is a bight, beautiful, and highly aromatic beer that’s growing more youthful with age.

It’s a Saison that we rested on Chardonnay wine lees for 5 months in a stainless-steel tank. What are lees? They’re what’s left over after a wine fermentation (mostly yeast and some grape materials - looks like brown sludge, tastes like magic chalk candy). The Chardonnay lees we used for this beer were very “wet” - meaning they contained a lot of juicy grape material (aka wine).

Thanks to the stainless-steel aging (no oxygen ingress) and a 6-month bottle conditioning repose, Lees is squeaky clean, very fruity, and youthfully bright for a beer of its age. It has a nice balance of both wine and beer character that combine into something near to aromatic apple cider (like the stuff you find in Normandy).

This is one of our favorite Saison + wine combination beers we’ve made in a while.

Last Available 2021-05-25

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