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Helles Lager
ABV 5% IBU 18A clean, malt-focused German lager that is best consumed by the litre. This brew has a gentle, pillowy malt character, perfectly balanced with a spicy, yet elegantly, floral hop bite. A smooth and incredibly easy-drinking brew, perfect for all occasions.With the rising popularity of the clean lagers of Pilzen in the mid-1800’s, Munich brewers struggled to replicate those clean, light profiles due to their mineral rich water supply (details unknown to them at the time). The Munich Helles, with its slightly more malt forward profile, was able to provide a backbone to support this mineral content and meet the demand for a clean, light, and drinkable brew. The German word “hell” can be translated as "bright" or "light".
Key Ingredients: Bohemian Pilsner malt, Hallertau Mittelfrueh Hops, Munich Lager Yeast

Last Available 2023-05-05

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