Let It Run

Beyond The Pale Ottawa

Let It Run

$3.54 + tax

This "Run" of our perfect lakeside lager is so crisp and refreshing! Made with Citra, Cascade and Magnum hops to give you that clean slight bitterness with a subtle resin and citrus flavour behind it. It's so good it'll make you want to drink it anywhere. Made as a proud sponsor of the Dragon Boat Festival. Very limited amount please come by and give it a try before we're out! Available Online, at The Brewery, and our Retail shop. PURCHASE A FLAT (24 CANS) AND RECEIVE 10% OFF! - Select "Flat" from dropdown SIZE menu - MIXED FLATS AVAILABLE IN RETAIL SHOP.

Last Available New release!

Shipping Rate $15 per box, box holds 18 cans

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