Double Ghost Orchid w/ Phantasm

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Double Ghost Orchid w/ Phantasm

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Double Ghost Orchid w/ Phantasm may sound a little frightening — What’s a Phantasm?? And is there one right behind me!? — but we needn’t be afraid. The beer beneath the somewhat paranormal-sounding moniker is highly-drinkable with floral oomph and notes of passionfruit, guava, and canned pineapple. And Double Ghost Orchid, like its singular counterpart, features Nelson Sauvin — a hop that is hard to come by and highly coveted.

P.S. If you appreciate nerdy details:
There is mind-blowing activity going on with this beer at the cellular level, that results in unparalleled aromatics. It incorporates both Phantasm (a sauv-blanc-derived, thiol-rich powder dreamed up by Jos Ruffell of Garage Project in NZ) and a thiolized yeast strain (yeast that's been specifically formulated to "unlock" or biotransform the thiols present in hops and malt), making way for tropical aromas at new concentrations. 

P.P.S. Thiols are highly impactful aroma compounds. Ie, good smells.

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