SMASH - 2022 Wet Hopped

All or Nothing Oakville

SMASH - 2022 Wet Hopped


All or Nothing SMASH pale ale is a single hop, single malt pale ale. This delicious brew has been designed to show off the essence of the beer being its barebone 2-row base malt and a rotating single hop. This beer is as simple as it gets for ingredients! This version has been "wet-hopped" using centennial hops grown on the brewery grounds. The hops are picked fresh from the vine and introduced to the beer in the same day to lock in all of the fresh grassy floral character of the fresh hops! This is an extremely small batch that should be consumed fresh! Make sure to grab a can as this beer is only produced once a year!

Alcohol: 4.5%
IBU: 30 out of 100
Malts: 1
Hops: 1

Last Available New release!

Shipping Rate $10 flat rate

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