Gumption Trap

5 Paddles Whitby

Gumption Trap


“Gumption,” wrote Robert Pirsig, “is the psychic gasoline that keeps the whole thing going.” It’s initiative, resourcefulness, the drive to make things happen and see it through. What, then, is a gumption trap? Well, they’re the setbacks and hang-ups that drain that psychic gasoline. They could be real, tangible obstacles, or psychological ones, like anxiety or boredom.

When you’re caught in a gumption trap, you need to pause, refuel, and try to see things freshly. Here’s a beer to enjoy during that pause. Hopped generously with Simcoe and Mosaic, GUMPTION TRAP is hazy and soft with a bright, tropical fruitiness.

7.5% ABV.

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